A taste of the sea at Fishworks, Swallow Street

What an absolutely gorgeous meal! Sorry, I had to cut straight to the chase there. Well actually, more straight to the attack 🙂 Most Londoners who enjoy seafood have probably already been to this gem. I’ve only recently chosen to stop being vegetarian, and have discovered a great love for seafood, so this meal was an absolute treat.

We started off with some French Albarino, oysters and scallops.

Grilled scallops at Fishworks, LondonThe scallops at Fishworks are hand dived from the South Coast and grilled with garlic butter, white wine and breadcrumbs. Perfectly plump and tender, but firm and meaty when I cut them, they were a delight. And when that garlic butter hit me with those crispy crumbs, it made me sigh happily. My mouth’s watering just remembering them!

Devon rock oysters at Fishworks, LondonNow I’ve never eaten oysters before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve been curious, but a little put off by how slimy they appear, but here I was at a restaurant exclusively devoted to seafood, and it was an opportunity I couldn’t miss. So a couple of Devon rock oysters were ordered, and after a longish spot of deliberation about whether I should swallow them down or chew them first, I decided a bit of chewing wouldn’t hurt (besides I was a little concerned they’d get stuck in my throat). The verdict: I could taste the sea in them, which was quite something! But towards the end, it got a bit too raw-meaty for me…I think I’d like to try them a little cooked first next time.

Hake steak at Fishworks, LondonStarters done, it was time for my oven roasted hake steak with spinach and hollandaise. Soft flaky deliciously juicy hake, creamy hollandaise, and gently sautéed spinach. Every bite made my tastebuds sing, and I do not exaggerate when I say that!

I have no idea how I had place for dessert after that, but I did. Stem ginger and treacle sponge with toffee sauce and vanilla icecream. Hot, crumbly and gooey. A beautiful end to an exceptionally good meal.

Stem ginger and treacle sponge at Fishworks, London

If you haven’t been to Fishworks yet, book a table! The bill will shock you a little bit though despite the number of glasses of wine you down (perhaps it’s because of the number of glasses of wine you down…). So be prepared – we had to do this one on our credit card. Not ideal I know, but once in a while a little indulgence isn’t a bad thing is it? :p

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