Review: Beijing Dumpling, Chinatown, London

Seafood dimsum platter at Beijing Dumpling in Chinatown, LondonI think I’ve been to Beijing Dumpling more times than I have to any other restaurant in London! Thrice. And that’s saying a lot, given I’m one of those people who firmly believes that life’s too short in proportion to the amount of good food there is to try in this world, to go to the same place twice. But I adore Beijing Dumpling, so there you’ll find me, every few months. Besides, I really like the vibe in Chinatown – always so festive.

Beijing Dumpling is on Lisle Street, right next to Leicester Square tube station. There’s a large glass window that looks onto their dumpling kitchen – a nice touch I think – and it’s on two floors, all warm and cozy with wooden tables and benches and low lanterns, and it’s always packed. But surprisingly we’ve never had to wait for a table.

Salt n pepper chicken at Beijing Dumpling in Chinatown, LondonThe first time I was there, we had 45 minutes for a quick meal before the theatre. The second was on a bad night in the midst of a personal crisis, and that night turned out to be a turning point in my life, and the third time was a few weeks ago when after going round and round in circles wondering where to eat, we decided to go to good old Beijing Dumpling. All three times, the meal’s been fantastic, all three times strangers have made random conversation with us, and all three times I’ve come away feeling very content.

So what have I eaten there that I’ve really enjoyed… Now this is going to be quite a memory jog, so I’m glad there’s Instagram to refer back to!

Fried beancurd and mixed vegetables at Beijing Dumpling in Chinatown, LondonKung po chicken, the seafood dimsum platter, fried beancurd and mixed vegetables, the salt n pepper chicken, and sliced aubergines in spicy sauce.

And lots and lots of egg fried rice ofcourse! Their dumpling menu isn’t exhaustive at all – ironical – but the few that are on it, are delicious. The helpings have always been very generous, and service has always been super quick too.

I know I’ll be going back. You should go too 🙂

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