Review: Pix Pintxos, Covent Garden, London

So I’m back in my old contracting job, and I’m as happy as can be 🙂 One big reason being it’s in Covent Garden, so when it comes to food, I’m spoilt for choice!

Tapas at Pix Pintxos Covent GardenWe had our team Christmas lunch just down the road from work, on Neal Street. A tapas bar called Pix Pintxos. It was great! Not because food was exceptionally good or the ambience extraordinary or service unbeatable or prices very reasonable, but because it was perfect for the occasion. A casual and chic self-service hang-out, where all the food is laid out at the bar in the front, and there are high wooden tables and stools in the inside room for you to stand around and eat at, and plenty of Christmas cheer. Mulled wine in the air, fairy lights, and people in good spirits.

Chocolate mousse at Pix Pintxos Covent GardenThe tapas selection is large, and they keep getting new dishes out as the old ones finish, so there’s plenty of variety. I helped myself to some crumb fried ricotta stuffed olives, a few cod fritters, an artichoke and parmesan bruschetta, and some toasted bread with aubergine dip. Enjoyed it all! For dessert, a double chocolate mousse in a cup, topped with a raspberry. This was delicious. As was the warm spiced wine – bang in the middle of a working day 😀

Each piece of tapas has a cocktail stick on sorts poked through it, and you’re given a glass to put your sticks in as you eat your tapas. You’re charged by the number of sticks at the end!

Nice afternoon out, definitely recommend if you don’t fancy a sit-down meal and are in the area feeling peckish, and looking for a bar to hang at with friends.

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