Savoury baking it up for The Cake & Bake Show! 

The Cake & Bake Show, 7-9 Oct 2016, ExCel LondonMost excited that I’m going to be baking up a storm for The Cake & Bake Show in October. Just a couple of months now, and I’m finalising our menu and getting all the paperwork sorted. Going to block a weekend or two to do some practice bakes  before the real thing too!

The Cake & Bake Show takes place 7th-9th October 2016 at ExCel in London. We’re going to be at stand M21 with our Indian-inspired savoury bakes. Think baked samosas, stuffed naan rolls, tarts, and spiced shortbread! Our bakes are all free from nuts and apart from the tarts, they’re all free from eggs and cheese too. 

So whether you’re feeling peckish, or looking for a bite for lunch, or wanting to carry back home with you, pop around to us to say hello :-) 

The event promises to be busy and exciting, and I can’t wait. There are discounted tickets available for £10. Use code EXHIB at checkout and go on and block your calendars.

Hope to see you there! 

Recipe: Spicy fried vegetables

Spicy fried vegetables recipe

Spicy fried vegetables

When I plan an Indian menu, I try and do a mix of curry or dal, a side with a thickish sauce, and a dry side. That way, there’s something you can eat with rice and chapatti both, without it becoming too wet a meal or too dry. Essentially aiming for a balance of textures on the plate! My uncle was visiting us for lunch today and I knew I wanted to make a khatti meethi dal and palak paneer, but wasn’t feeling very inspired about the dry side dish. I had cauliflower stuck in my head, but didn’t want to make a boring old gobhi aloo or gobhi mattar. I thought I’d begin by frying some florets and see where that would take me. Turned out to be a really good place :D Here’s my spicy fried vegetables recipe. I hope you enjoy it! Continue reading