Recipe: Spicy fried vegetables

Spicy fried vegetables recipe

Spicy fried vegetables

When I plan an Indian menu, I try and do a mix of curry or dal, a side with a thickish sauce, and a dry side. That way, there’s something you can eat with rice and chapatti both, without it becoming too wet a meal or too dry. Essentially aiming for a balance of textures on the plate! My uncle was visiting us for lunch today and I knew I wanted to make a khatti meethi dal and palak paneer, but wasn’t feeling very inspired about the dry side dish. I had cauliflower stuck in my head, but didn’t want to make a boring old gobhi aloo or gobhi mattar. I thought I’d begin by frying some florets and see where that would take me. Turned out to be a really good place :D Here’s my spicy fried vegetables recipe. I hope you enjoy it! Continue reading

Food travel: Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

Earlier this month we visited Copenhagen for our friends’ wedding. The bride and groom being foodies and travellers too, we had the happy opportunity to sample some great Danish food as part of the wedding celebrations! Wedding done on Friday, we also took advantage of the weekend that lay ahead to do a bit of foodie travelling. Chilly winds notwithstanding. A bout of food poisoning notwithstanding! Continue reading

Review: Ashers, Wembley

Gujarati thaali at Ashers Wembley

Gujarati thaali at Ashers, Wembley

Two sets of friends recommended Ashers in Wembley for their theplas. Theplas are thin Gujarati flatbreads made with wheat flour, fenugreek and spices. So after one aborted attempt at getting ourselves there and a day of whining that followed, we jumped into the car impulsively one Saturday evening when we got bored of lounging on the couch, and drove to Ashers Africana restaurant. Continue reading